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5-Day a Week, Doorstep Valet Trash Service

Doorstep Details services are intended to help reduce costs for property managers of all types while also making residents’ lives a little more convenient. To accomplish this, we provide weekly valet trash services from Sunday through Thursday for residential buildings, including all types of condominiums and apartment complexes. Our highly trained, licensed, and insured employees have provided services for a wide variety of customers.

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5-Day Doorstep Recycling & Valet Trash Service

Uniform porters arrive with leak-proof bags to collect trash and recyclables.

Porters pickup trash and recyclables from residents’ doorstep on service days and times.

Porters verify building pickup with the Doorstep Details App Photos.

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If you’re in need of trash removal services you can count on, request a free quote from Doorstep Details at any time and we’ll discuss your requirements. We offer everything from the disposal of trash to recycling services, as well as bids for two or more nearby communities.

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How Doorstep Details Valet Trash Pickup in Katy, TX. Works

First, we provide each unit at your location with 13-gallon receptacles for trash pickup. Once residents have filled them, they can simply place them outside of their unit for our trained trash porters, who will pick up the trash from each container anywhere between 6 p.m.-8 p.m from Sunday through Thursday, depending on the local schedule.

Upon arriving, our trained porters will utilize leak-proof satchels to collect the trash from each receptacle. We then dispose of all garbage in the community’s dumpsters or compactors. Following trash disposal, our porters will clean the disposal area if necessary and then send a “Doorstep Details Report” for property managers to review.

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Why We Love Working in Katy, TX.

Katy, TX offers visitors and residents a place of relaxation and exploration. From unique shopping and dining experiences, community events, nature parks, museums, and more, there is something for everyone in Katy.

Accelerated Waste Solutions is happy to be bringing our services to Katy, TX and are happy to be able to make the lives of Katy residents a little easier! We are happy to bring our waste removal services to this wonderful city.

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What Makes Doorstep Details Different from Other Trash Disposal Services?

In-Depth Yet Simple Reports Using State-of-the-Art Reporting Technology

We work to keep our Doorstep Details reports in-depth, while ensuring readability, with detailed and well-organized .pdf documents that list all arrival and departure times, with accurate GPS data. We also include pickup confirmation with each report, along with photos of every unit following pickup. With the Doorstep Details app, employees can easily collect all data and send reports.

A Combination of Convenience and Dependability

At Valet Trash Katy, TX., we work to ensure our customers get the most out of every visit from us, providing unmatched convenience and dependability. Our experts also work to help eliminate safety risks for residents that might otherwise be present when taking the trash out at night.

We also provide new customers’ communities with a complimentary resident appreciation day, which makes it easier to introduce our trash disposal services to residents before we begin. Throughout these events, a representative of Doorstep Details will answer any questions that residents may have about our services, while also providing them and their families with free food, beverages, and giveaways.

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Increased Profitability and Peace of Mind in Cleanliness

You can always be comfortable in knowing that we provide a price match guarantee with our phase-in rates, further saving our customers money while also allowing for increased profits. The BBB has also given Doorstep Details an “A” rating, enabling us to serve as a Compliance Depot Certified vendor.

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Owner Doorstep Details Katy,TX.

Meet the Owner

Dequaris Reed and his family have lived in the Greater Houston area since 2014. Dequaris has a B.S. in Operations Management from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and has previous experience working as a Senior Operations Manager at Amazon.

Dequaris decided to invest in an Accelerated Waste Solutions franchise because he believes in the business model and sees how the franchise will fill a void that is currently in the market in Katy, TX, and sees opportunity for continued growth. Additionally, he is looking forward to building something from the ground up and leaving a legacy for his family, who have always supported him in his dreams and aspirations.

If you would like to work with Doorstep Details, fill out our Valet Trash quote form or give us a call at (205) 657-9164!